I’m dedicating this post to all the greatness and blackness happening this week. 

On Monday morning as I watched Viola Davis’ powerful historic acceptance speech from the 67th Emmy Awards, I teared up and couldn’t stop smiling. Viola in all her beautiful strong blackness called out the elephant in the room. Being black in modern day, we still fight battles of being seen as equal if not better in talent and with opportunities among peers in our respective fields. Stunned at her boldness and bravery I went about my day feeling my own strength and a special recognition. 

Tuesday evening I met up with black beauty blogger and creative writer Leah Vernon. Over coffee, we discussed our upbringings, current lifestyles, and our creative goals. We discussed growing strong from our hurdles and how we’ve latched on to friends and art as saving graces to push on. As black women we have this “superwoman” strength to push on with a fierceness aka #BlackGirlMagic. With strength and fierceness, we are loud. Our voices aren’t meant to be muttered, but echoed. 

If nothing else, this week’s history is a lesson in grace, strength, and the power of words. Rather we introspectively reevaluate our activeness in our communities to stand firm in opportunity equality or being a source of inspiration for our communities, we should all be inspired to rise ourselves. We should all be inspired to reach out to push that “line” and walk over it. Love to all and a special shout out to Leah for contributing to the conversation, #BlackGirlMagic. Check out Leah’s blog, Beauty and the Muse.

“Nothing can come of nothing.” -William Shakespeare 

Wear: Forever21 Sweater Dress | Urban Outfitters BDG Jeans | Williams Croc Booties by Takeout from Solestruck

Photos by Leah Vernon