Flare Pants

I fell in love with these flared hem pants a few months ago while doing my usual window shopping on the Zara app. If you know me then you know that I am obsessed with Zara, no exaggeration. For two main reasons: 1.) I believe that Zara does great at curating collections that have style and that are unique (even if some styles are designer look-a-likes or "knock offs") and 2.) the price points do not break my bank. These pants are completely me combining chic and edge with their fun hem. I did not realize until after seeing this style on Zara, that these pants were inspired by an Australian designer that I have come to be a fan of. Typically I'm not one to buy things due to trends or to get the designer look but how could I resist these pants especially for more than half the original price. 

Zara Flare Flounce Pant
Halston Heritage Asymmetrical Strap Crop Top
Forever 21 Arm Cuffs

Photography - Mar Manzanares