I've been realizing how crucial it is to make changes to march to my own drum, have freedom, to have movement in my soul, and to not allow a job that pays my bills (bills, bills, bills) to rule or control my life. I recently posted a status on Facebook about the reality of being an artist working a full-time job with crazy hours and how it has taken away a lot of my freedom, my time, my energy. And I received so much love and support from people of different walks of life with comments and messages. It's inspiring to me to know that regardless of my day-to-day grind that my creative works are appreciated by YOU! 

The hustle/grind is real but it's important to allow your soul to flourish and to BE! And because there is a lull in life right now doesn't take away from the movement of what is working to be your destiny. 

ALC Gold Pleated Skirt
Tibi Striped Cami
Scotch and Soda: Maison Scotch Striped Pajama Blazer

All pieces can be found at:
Found Objects
168 S Old Woodward
Birmingham 48009

Location - New Center Detroit
Creative Direction - LALA TRIPS
Photography & Photo Curation - Mar Manzanares