Denim Overalls

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with work and life that you start to feel like everything is out of control? Whenever I am feeling this way, I always have to be reminded to take it one day at a time. This simple notion is so impactful and helpful when everything in life is chaotic. Since everything can be so chaotic, I've been slowly adopting the ideals of "organized chaos" and "work-life balance". Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the ideals of life being one-sided when in reality it is a balancing act on a thin tight rope you must walk gracefully. Insert the new Webster term "adulting" here as well. Maintaining an organized chaos while adulting is a trick in itself but it's one that I think can function. Perhaps not as seamlessly as we would like but function slightly smoother. 

When you find a piece of clothing that embodies function, ease and style, it's a feeling of excitement. Apply that to these denim overalls. I have found the pair of denim overalls that meets my denim overall dreams! These have been on rotation, having been paired with sneakers, ankle booties and now my Victorian-style peep toe lace ups. The idea of being stylish with ease appeals to me, especially when I'm busy with work and life. And that's where functionality comes in.

Dressed up, dressed down with no fuss are the denim overalls with a great fit, style and function. Yes.


H&M Denim Overalls
Zara Faux Leather Jacket
Peace Love Shea X Steve Madden Venice Leather Boots
Aldo McCooey Reflective Sunglasses

Photography - Mar Manzanares