I've been realizing how crucial it is to make changes to march to my own drum, have freedom, to have movement in my soul, and to not allow a job that pays my bills (bills, bills, bills) to rule or control my life. I recently posted a status on Facebook about the reality of being an artist working a full-time job with crazy hours and how it has taken away a lot of my freedom, my time, my energy. And I received so much love and support from people of different walks of life with comments and messages. It's inspiring to me to know that regardless of my day-to-day grind that my creative works are appreciated by YOU! 

The hustle/grind is real but it's important to allow your soul to flourish and to BE! And because there is a lull in life right now doesn't take away from the movement of what is working to be your destiny. 

ALC Gold Pleated Skirt
Tibi Striped Cami
Scotch and Soda: Maison Scotch Striped Pajama Blazer

All pieces can be found at:
Found Objects
168 S Old Woodward
Birmingham 48009

Location - New Center Detroit
Creative Direction - LALA TRIPS
Photography & Photo Curation - Mar Manzanares

The Kit and Ace Showroom


A few weeks back I received an email asking if I would like to come check out the new Kit and Ace showroom opening in Downtown Detroit. And my answer was a definite yes. Right off the main street Woodward sits the showroom, making it the second major retailer to open its doors in Downtown Detroit. Kit and Ace's aesthetic is built upon elevated basics with a luxe feel with their staple technical cashmere while remaining relaxed and easy with it's designs. 

The open lofty space houses a larger variety of styles than its former midtown studio location. Probably the most exciting for me was seeing how Kit and Ace incorporated more stylized pieces into the space while keeping with their aesthetic. The more stylized designs are finished with another Kit and Ace signature, copper hardware, including this casual black v-neck daydress. 

A favorite of mine is this olive green/heather grey a-line hi-lo top and these comfy casual shorts with a sweatshort waistband drawstring detail that I love. These shorts have a cool design giving them a city street-style edge. 

Thank you Kit and Ace for having me.

Kit and Ace is located at:
1459 Woodward Ave
Detroit 48226

Photography - Mar Manzanares