Secret Garden


Last week on Friday afternoon I drove up to the Cranbrook Gardens for the first time to meet my photographer Robyn. What started off as a gloomy overcast day turned into quite a magical afternoon. Not only did the beauty of this garden make shooting this editorial exciting, but it was simply the magic of being here. Flashes of the sun in it’s cheery glory gave way to capturing the true essence of this place.

Being that I hadn’t been to the Cranbrook Campus before and with the notion of it being a garden, I wore an old favorite: my vintage floral printed midi skirt. Walking the garden grounds wearing this skirt, reminded me of child novels ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Secret Garden’. With feelings of enchantment and wonder, there were moments I drifted off into nostalgic memories and thoughts. Thoughts of being a child and thoughts of being the woman I’ve grown to become.

It’s amazing how days like this one can bring out emotions we either forget or suppress. It’s important to have these moments to reconnect with who we were and to recognize the beauty in our personal growth. As well as to feel the true magic of life.

Wear: Halston Mock Neck Top | Vintage Floral Midi Skirt | Jeffrey Campbell Cookie Fur Heels from Solestruck

Photos by Robyn Maria